DPM Sok An Presides Over Graduation Ceremony of 140 Law Students

image002Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Sok An, Minister in charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers, presided over here on image001Tuesday a graduation ceremony of 140 law students of the 10th, 11th, and 12th Promotion of the Lawyer Training Center.

Mr. Bun Honn, President of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia, said the training of lawyer-to-be students was divided into two stages by recruiting the students to be trained until they take their exams for the first stage, while the second stage the ongoing education, the unlimited training that they will be involving in working with their professions.

He added that the role of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia was to train qualified lawyers to sufficiently fulfill their professions with eminent and effective manner so as to gain trusts from the public.

H.E. Sok An spoke highly of the efforts made by the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Lawyer Training Center for training competent lawyers, part of building human resources to contribute to strengthening social justice, especially the protection of rights and freedom of the people.

He also urged all the graduates to use their capital of gained knowledge and skills for the potential investment by sticking to the code of ethics and professions for the interest of their own and the society as well.

This graduation ceremony is another proof of the effort having been made by the Bar Association of Cambodia and the Lawyer Training Center in training lawyers. Certainly, 608 lawyers have been trained by the Lawyer Training Center since 1995. Another 54 students will be selected for the 13th promotion.


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