Cambodia To Push for North Korea’s Return to Six-Party Talks

Cambodia will do its best to lobby the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to return to the six-party talks in order to end the DPRK’s nuclear weapons testing in exchange for food assistance from the U.S.

Cambodian Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation H.E. Long Visalo told reporters here yesterday upon his meeting with visiting newly-appointed Director-General of the South Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Korea (RoK) H.E. Park Haeyun.

At the meeting, H.E. Park HaeYun said Cambodia has played an important role in boosting the security cooperation and stability in the Korean peninsula.

Regarding the bilateral relations, H.E. Long Visalo said the bilateral ties and cooperation between Cambodia and the RoK have been strengthened unceasingly, particularly in the fields of investment and tourism.

Currently, there are some 12,000 Cambodian workers in South Korea, he added.

H.E. Long Visalo also asked the South Korean side to examine the development projects proposed by Cambodia including those on infrastructure and irrigation construction, clean water supply and waste water management, etc.

The above-said projects have been accepted by South Korea through the Korea Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA), he said.

H.E. Long Visalo further recalled Cambodia-South Korea’s mutual support on the international arena.


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