Cambodia Welcomes ASEAN Single Visa

ASEAN-MEETING/Cambodia welcomes the creation of ASEAN single visa to attract more tourists and facilitate other travelers to visit the region, Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted government officials as saying on Monday.

  “When we exercise this plan, it also affects to the national revenue because we lost money on visa. But we hoped that tourists also expand their expenditure when they visit and stay here and that is our earning,” Koy Kuong, spokesman and under secretary of state for Foreign Ministry said.

 “Local people will benefit from the tourists directly and it also helps to reduce the poverty in the country and other travelers feel good because they could access from many countries in the region by one single visa. It’s a good idea,” he said.

 The proposal was put forward by Thai prime minister at the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Phuket. He said that Cambodia and Thailand already agreed to use one single visa.

 “We, all private sector, also welcome the idea of one visa in ASEAN,” Ang Kim Eang, President of Cambodian Association of Travel Agencies. “We all will follow the Cambodian government.”


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