Cambodia to Send Armed Forces to Join UN Peacekeeping Exercise in Mongolia

0412_C71[1]The Cambodian government will send 52 soldiers from Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) to participate in the UN’s peacekeeping training operation exercise in Mongolia entitled “Khan Quest” in late July or early August, Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted a military source as saying on Tuesday.

“The peacekeeping exercise is so important for our armed forces to join with other countries to keep the peaceful stability, security and order in the world,” said Taing Sambun, director of Institute for Training Peacekeeping Forces, Mine and UXO clearance.

 The Cambodian delegation will be led by General Meas Sophea, Deputy Commander-in-chief of RCAF and infantry commander, he said, adding “it is a good cooperation between our country and other countries to share experiences and learned experience from each other about the strategies in peacekeeping in a country.”

 “The main role of the peacekeeping forces is to join to seek peace, stability and safety for people in the war-torn country,” he stressed, adding “it is a second time for Cambodia in Mongolia and we become an active member.”

The exercise will be lasted for three weeks. It will begins on July 30, or August 1 in Mongolia.

Cambodia once joined international military exercises respectively in Bangladesh and Mongolia and also sent peacekeepers to Sudan for de-mining operations under the UN umbrella.

In July 2007, 43 Cambodian soldiers took part in a military exercise for UN peacekeeping mission in Mongolia and in April 2008, 40 Cambodian soldiers participated in a 3-week multi-national peacekeeping exercise in Bangladesh.

In addition, Cambodia sent 135 deminers to Sudan in 2006 for UN peacekeeping mission, and then 139 in June 2007 to replace the old ones. The deminers were renewed again in 2008.


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