Cambodia Requests Thailand to Remove a Video Clip Entitle “Loss Territory” From the Internet System

20090620215305896[1]Cambodian Embassy in Thailand has requested Thai government to remove from the internet system a video clip entitle “loss territory” founded at which gave false and misleading information about the loss of Thailand’s territory to Cambodia.

Here is the following statement in a diplomatic note sent on July 13 by the Cambodian Embassy in Thailand to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

The persons who created and disseminated the above video clip is under an illusion that the Kingdom of Thailand had lost its territory to the Kingdom of Cambodia. On the contrary, by true historical facts, it is the Kingdom of Cambodia which had lost much of its territory from the “Khmer Empire”.  

Prasat Phnom Roung and various other ancient monuments now in Thailand stand as a very clear testimony of the fact that they are Khmer monuments like those located in Cambodia and previously belonged to the “Khmer Empire”.

This gave rise to the question as to what would be the intention of the persons who disseminated such fabricated information and whether they intend to create hostile sentiment of the Thai people toward Cambodia and provoke a war between the two countries.

Considering that the dissemination of such fallacious information would have very serious negative impact on the friendly relations between our two nations which our governments have been endeavoring to promote, it would be highly appreciated if the authorities concerned of Thailand could intervene to remove the aforementioned video clip from the internet system.–


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